New Zealand International School

New Zealand International School
Jl. Kemang Selatan 1 No.1A(Administration, Early Years & Primary)

T: +62-21 7183 222

F: +62-21 7192 074

Jl. Kemang Raya No.70(Secondary)

T: +62-21 7183 111

F: +62-21 7196 525

Mrs. Raewyn AshbyE:

Age Group
Preschool & Kindergarten (2 - 4 years)
Primary (5 - 10 years)
Secondary (11 - 18 years)

Average Number of Pupils
Preschool & Kindergarten(15 - 20 students)
Primary (20 students)
Secondary (15 - 20 students)

School Terms/Semesters
1st Term (January -March)
2nd Term (April -June)
3rd Term (July -September)
4th Term (October - December)

School Fee Range
USD3,390 - USD15,860

Entry Requirements
Interview and submission of thelast two School Reports

Curriculum Basis

New Zealand Curriculum for Preschool, Kindergarten and Primary year 1 - 6. Cambridge International Curriculum for Secondary year 7 - 13.

General Information

The New Zealand International School (NZIS) extends a warm New Zealand welcome to you all. Today’s world needs a global community that can think on its feet and move quickly to accommodate the various challenges that we face.  At NZIS we can help you as Parents face the real world dilemma of preparing your child to take their place as a positive contributor in this new world.

In true Kiwi fashion, we first look to establish the basic tools for learning - Reading, Writing and Mathematics - through developing your child’s thinking processes.  This is initiated in the “Early Years” by stimulating the child’s mind with activities that create a desire to learn.

The Primary School continues building on this platform.   The Internet and availability of all manner of information gives your child wonderful colours to paint on their own life’s canvas.  Students take trips outside the classroom to keep their experiences real. Group activities are encouraged, as creativity can be accelerated by the synergy of a shared goal.

On the Secondary campus we expect your teenage child to be leading their learning and taking ownership of their lives.   They will be encouraged to choose a pathway and set goals to make their journey through secondary school important to them.  Students who have clear goals, supported by parents and teachers, will stay on track through the teenage years and will create their own destinies.

NZIS uses the Cambridge International Examinations as an external measure of your child’s academic success.

Our teachers are native English speakers recruited from New Zealand, Austalia, UK, USA and Canada. NZIS is a smaller school.  This allows a nurturing focus on each individual child.  We know this makes a difference.

Come and visit us. It’s time to plan your child’s future.

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