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Welcome to Jakarta and the opportunity of a lifetime! It may sound far-fetched but if you have just arrived here, this is a country of opportunity, and some challenges.

Can you imagine forty years ago, Jakarta was considered a hardship posting. There were only a handful of supermarkets, no malls, and three international schools. The GDP per capita was on poverty level and political stability was a dream.

Now Indonesia is the approximately 14th largest economy in the world and there are 80 malls in Jakarta.....but ....there are also many schools of international standards which serve discriminating parents both expatriate and Indonesian. You will find most of these in the following pages.

So for those who are here to pursue their dream of an overseas posting in a challenging environment, welcome to this land of opportunity, but now it does not mean you have to sacrifi ce your family’s education. Far from it, these are schools of the highest standards where your children will thrive.

Read on and discover more.


Alistair Speirs (Publisher)

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